About Us

About Us

Agriculture Vermicompost is always in high demand in the agricultural and organic farming sectors as the process of vermicomposting using such inputs allows organic material to break down easily to form humus. This type of enriched soil that is rich in nutrients and essential elements can boost plant growth manifold. In various agricultural settings, vermicomposting also eliminates harmful pests and helps in addressing a host of ailments in plants. We are Sturdy And Biotic LLP, a major manufacturer of Agriculture Vermicompost of various types. 

As a manufacturer, we know that multiple factors decide the final quality of the Vermicompost produced. Therefore, we use A grade organic matter and advanced composting process where we keep tab on the nitrogen to carbon ratio to improve the quality and texture of our manufactured range. We ensure lots of space is provided for the worms to colonize as they work to break down raw inputs, which consequently increases the quality of the output. We also ensure proper temperature and moisture levels are maintained when we process, quality check, pack and finally transport the range to various locations.

Our Aim

We show kindness to plants and our Planet as we work as a provider of quality vermicomposting products that are high in minerals and vitamins. Our range not only improves plant growth but also helps resist various seasonal and other diseases in crops and plants. As they eliminate the needs for irrigation or chemical inputs, the range stays in demand among cultivators and farmers who abide by environmentally friendly practices and operate ethical cultivation works.

Why Choose Us?

We, Sturdy And Biotic LLP, know that healthy plants are an offshoot of a good quality soil. Thus, we provide safe and efficient Agriculture Vermicompost in multiple pack sizes that stimulates microbes and earthworms to enrich quality of soil and improve its vitality, biology, texture and structure. Following best of breed compositing processes, we formulate products to meet heavy demands in the organically certified grower market of India. This makes our range excellent for plant and root growth in all types of plants, including the following:

  • Flowers
  • Shrubs
  • Fruit Trees
  • Vegetable Plants
  • Palms, Etc. 
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Phone :07818920263